Advantages of Online Shopping


Technology has brought in a lot of changes since the last two decades. Few years back, the use of internet was very limited only to professional and official purposes. Looking back, there was a clear scarcity of information available to the end user. If we specifically talk about shopping, brands tend to create their product catalogues in printed forms. So the access to information about brands was limited to brand outlets. Individuals and families plan their shopping, days before they actually go to buy their desired products or brands.


Now in today’s era of technological advancement, E-commerce (Online shopping) has become integral part of shopping industry. Internet has become the part and parcel of almost everyone’s life across the globe and with the inclusion of numerous smart devices, online shopping has made customers life very easy in various ways. The shopping experience has been transformed from traditional shopping to online shopping. Number of online shopping stores working across the globe which made this industry a fast-growing business today.


Following are some benefits of online shopping which more act as a triggering cue to people to shop online more often.


  • Easy to Use: It is very convenient is a sense that a customer has no need to go anywhere. You can purchase anything 24/7. If you have a smart device and internet connection, the information of whole world can fit into your palm. So you can buy anything, anytime and from anywhere across the globe. You just need to place your order and you will get your order on your doorstep. 


  • Different Discount Offers: Most of the time online stores provide different promotional offers and discounts. Sometimes these online stores have “Today Deals’’ section on their websites to give customers an opportunity to avail percentage discounts and bundle offers. Sometimes, these online stores provide upto 50% discount and on different occasions they give upto 70% discounts like during Ramadan, on Eid, Christmas, Black Friday and New Year. Online shopping stores often allow customers to use discount coupons at checkout during order placement. 


  • Additional Variety: There is huge variety of products and brands available online. One can find different types of brands and products even in a single category. The websites of online shopping stores are now more attractive and rich of information about different brands than ever before.


  • No crowd: Shopping at malls before Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha, especially in Pakistan, is very difficult for number of reasons. Because of the huge Mob in shopping malls, sometimes customers tend to buy something they don’t even need or want. While the problem of crowd and parking issues can be overcome by shopping online. Also no one needs to hassle as online stores are open 24/7.


  • No influence: In traditional shopping there is always an influence of salesperson which sometimes leads to buy something which we don’t need or want. While in online shopping you don’t have the face the influence of tricky salespersons at all.


  • Sending Gifts: Sending gifts was never easy but thanks to Online shopping which made it very easy. You can send gifts to your loved ones any time and from anywhere. You can send gifts on number of occasions like, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Birthday, Anniversaries, Weddings, Eid, Christmas, New Year, Black Friday, and so on.


While shopping online, make sure that you carefully go across the terms and condition section, the delivery charges (as offers FREE shipping across Pakistan) which normally pop-out at the time of checkout. Make sure that you are buying from a well reputable online store to avoid frauds. Check if in case you need to contact them, does you a have a way to approach them. Carefully go through their customer reviews section on their social media Platforms like Facebook and Twitter. If you keep all these things in mind, Online shopping can be a fruitful experience because of its plentiful benefits.

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